Playlists Dominate Listening For Most Music Streamers 

90% of music streamers have listened to or created a playlist, according to a new study by Music Watch. Paid subscribers were the most active, with 80% listening daily and and half listening to a playlist every time they stream music. Among those who listened to a service’s playlist, 90% have also created a personal playlist in the past 3 months.

“Playlisting has become the fabric of the music streaming experience,” said Russ Crupnick, managing partner of MusicWatch. “The ability to listen to and create playlists has become as important a feature as the catalog of music itself.”

Source: Playlists Dominate Listening For Most Music Streamers [INFOGRAPHIC] – hypebot

What does Spotify’s decision to share user data mean? 

A recent Spotify ad campaign plays on how well the digital music-streaming company knows its users’ tastes. The ads, found plastering New York City subways, showcase Tweets where listeners extoll how a Spotify playlist knows them well – “like former-lover-who-lived-through-a-near-death experience-with-me well.”

But Spotify will no longer just use this intimate knowledge of a user’s musical palate to generate personalized playlists. It’s now using that information as a powerful leveraging tool for advertiser dollars: Spotify announced this week that it is opening up user data collected from its 70 million free subscribers for programmatic, automated advertising.

Source: What does Spotify’s decision to share user data mean? –

Midia Research: ‘The role of curated playlists has accelerated’

The Today’s Top Hits stats come from a presentation at Midem today by industry consultant Mark Mulligan, based on data supplied by Spotify for the latest report by his company Midia Research.

After kicking off his session by pointing out that 26% of streaming subscribers have stopped buying more than an album a month, while 32% are listening to less radio, Mulligan drew the audience’s attention to the growing role of in-house playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.

“The role of curated playlists has accelerated just in the last three months,” said Mulligan. “People are having to work out on the fly how they respond to the changes to cash-flow, to breaking discovering artists.”

Source: Mark Mulligan: ‘The role of curated playlists has accelerated’

WMG buys X5 Music as major labels double down on playlists

Yesterday’s news that Warner Music Group has bought X5 Music – with reports in Sweden suggesting the price may have been $25m – is the latest sign of major labels doubling down in their efforts to do more with playlists and streaming curation.

WMG, remember, already bought British startup in October 2014, and has adopted its Topsify brand as the imprint for the label group’s own playlists on Spotify.

Source: WMG buys X5 Music as major labels double down on playlists

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