TuneCore Expands Live Presence in Britain With Trio of Partnerships 

The British arm of digital distributor TuneCore is growing its presence in the live sector by partnering with U.K. listings and ticket aggregator Ents24 and gig booking online marketplace Band Wagon.

The distribution company, which offers a range of support services to independent artists and has over 150 digital partners worldwide, including iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify, also announced a deal with London-based promoters HotVox that it says will help artists “grow their fan base and increase revenue opportunities.”

Source: TuneCore Expands Live Presence in Britain With Trio of Partnerships | Billboard

TuneCore Artists Earned $42 Million Last Quarter, Up 16% 

tunecore_logoTuneCore artists earned $42 million in the first quarter of 2016, up 16% from the same quarter last year. Revenue from music streaming services like Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer and Rhaposdy has grown significantly, according to the digital music distributor.

More new TuneCore stats:

  • TuneCore artists’ earnings have grown by 730% from YouTube Art Tracks
  • Gross revenue has increased by 126% from YouTube Sound Recordings.
  • The Publishing Administration arm of TuneCore has seen a 188% increase in sync revenue.
  • Placements in popular TV shows include Empire, Grey’s Anatomy, The Goldbergs and Shameless.

Source: TuneCore Artists Earned $42 Million Last Quarter, Up 16% – hypebot

TuneCore CEO: YouTube is not the enemy – it’s a goldmine

As the major labels’ tanks rumble towards YouTube’s lawn, TuneCore CEO Scott Ackerman claims that independently distributed artists are increasingly seeing the video channel as both a goldmine and the greatest marketing weapon in their arsenal.

“Our artists see both YouTube and the streaming channels as a way to get their music out,” he tells Music Ally. “For most of our artists, that is their number one thing – they want their music heard. It’s not about money. They want their music out worldwide so everyone can hear it.”

Source: TuneCore CEO: YouTube is not the enemy – it’s a goldmine

TuneCore Expands To Germany

Digital music distribution and publishing administration provider TuneCore launched its latest international edition on Wednesday (Apr. 6) with TuneCore Germany. The site will allow German-based artists to collect songwriter royalties, revenue from streaming services, digital download stores and sync licensing opportunities in their own currency and language.

German users will also have access to TuneCore’s customer support and its suite of artist support services including the YouTube Sound Recording Revenue collection service, LANDR and TuneCore Fan Reviews. “With the ever-changing nature of the music industry, we believe that transparency and durability are essential values for growing our company and enhancing our artist services,” said TuneCore CEO Scott Ackerman in a statement.

Source: Billboard

TuneCore Pays Artists $142 Million in 2015

IndepenTUNE-COREdent artists on TuneCore earned over $142 million in 2015, a 7% increase from 2014. TuneCore artists also earned $36.8 million from digital streams and downloads alone in Q4 2015.Publishing revenue for TuneCore artists was up 47% in 2015 and sync revenue up 57%, with placements in major feature films and network TV shows.

Since its inception in 2006, TuneCore artists have earned more than $648 million collectively.

Source: Music Week

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