IBM Set to Launch One of the Largest Blockchain Implementations to Date 

International Business Machines Corp. expects to go live as early as September with one of the largest commercial uses of blockchain, the online ledger technology that underpins bitcoin.

The implementation, which will help its financing unit resolve disputes with customers and partners, could send a signal to a market where enormous amounts of money have been invested in blockchain companies and their technology. The move also will make IBM one of the largest organizations to date to shift beyond limited tests of the emerging technology to real-world business transactions.

Source: IBM Set to Launch One of the Largest Blockchain Implementations to Date – CIO Journal. – WSJ

IBM Opens Blockchain Garage in New York City

IBM has announced the opening of a new office for blockchain coders in a New York City neighborhood better known for its art galleries and boutique stores than for computer programmers.

Headquartered in the SoHo offices of Galvanize, the workspace is the latest of IBM’s Bluemix Garages, physical workshopping destinations that provide a venue for its technology consulting services.

Source: IBM Opens Blockchain Garage in New York City – CoinDesk

Intel chips in with blockchain code for Hyperledger 

The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project has another big name on board: Intel.

The project was announced in December, but got its first serious impetus back in February when IBM slung its blockchain code into the effort. During this month, the project has coalesced further, and is on the prowl for more contributors. A joint proposal between IBM and Digital Assets has now become “Fabric,” an incubator-level project (under active development but not yet production-ready) that the two hope will form the foundation code base of Hyperledger.

Source: Intel chips in with blockchain code for Hyperledger • The Register

Banks, tech companies move on from bitcoin to blockchain

As a debate raged across the internet Monday over whether the mysterious founder of the bitcoin digital currency had finally been identified, executives at a major bitcoin conference in New York had a simple message: we’ve moved on.

That’s because bitcoin, the digital currency, has largely been supplanted by blockchain, the technology that underlies it, as the main interest of investors, technology companies and financial institutions.

“If there is a 100 percent opportunity in the blockchain, bitcoin, or the currency, is only 1 percent of it,” said Jerry Cuomo, vice president, Blockchain Technologies at International Business Machines Corp. “So there is a whole 99 percent that has broad applications across the broad industries.”

Source: Banks, tech companies move on from bitcoin to blockchain | Reuters

IBM Rolls Out Blockchain Cloud Services

The company claimed that its IBM Cloud platform will allow enterprise clients to deploy production blockchain networks in minutes, running signed, certified and tested Docker images with dashboards and analytics as well as support.

The new cloud services have also been optimized for cloud-based blockchain networks by providing an auditable operating environment with comprehensive log data that supports forensics and compliance, IBM said.

Source: IBM Rolls Out Blockchain Cloud Services | NewsFactor Network

IBM Blockchain Leader Jerry Cuomo using ‘Shadowchains’ to Launch Moonshots

IBM has been building momentum behind blockchain by championing the Linux Foundation’s Hyperleder Project and creating its own Open Blockchain (OBC) among other things.

IBM’s vice president of blockchain Jerry Cuomo, who recently gave testimony before US Congress about the uses of the technology, likes the idea of a revolutionary IoT, blockchain-enabled insurance paradigm for driverless cars. Or perhaps it’s the more day-to-day business of migrating supply chains to blockchain.

Source: IBT

IBM and Microsoft Will Let You Roll Your Own Blockchain

They call it the Hyperledger. And it can be yours.

In late December, several big-name companies from across both the tech and financial industries—including IBM, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and the London Stock Exchange—unveiled a new open source software project based on the blockchain, the global online ledger that underpins the bitcoin digital currency.

Source: WIRED

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