An unfortunately typical French initiative – Disruptive Competition Project

eiffel-tower-paris-france_mainAmong intense weather considerations about the wettest spring on record for the past century and shock over Brexit, the French Parliament adopted at the end of June a little-noticed measure in the Freedom of Creation Act… with a very big potential impact: a new royalty for the indexing of images on the Internet in France.

It is still too early to understand the full impact of this measure. However, it is quite clear that “many online services and mobile apps, from search engines to creative commons models and Europeana” will be impacted, as stated by several digital associations, including CCIA. “Basic, everyday activities of online users such as posting, linking and embedding photos online, [will] be subject to a cloud of legal uncertainty”.

Source: An unfortunately typical French initiative (Plus Ca Change, Plus C’est la Même Chose) – Disruptive Competition Project

DxO One Adds Instant Copyright Metadata, Watermarking 

A camera praised for its mix of instant sharing (through a connected iPhone) with advanced features now also offers photographers instant protection. DxO unveiled the latest firmware update to its DxO One camera (version 1.4) and among a long list of improvements, the update allows photographers to embed copyright info into the image’s metadata.

By downloading the latest app and then installing the firmware directly from the app, DxO One owners can now automatically embed their name inside the image’s hidden information, called metadata.

Source: DxO One Adds Instant Copyright Metadata, Watermarking | Digital Trends

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