Atari token finds a home on new blockchain gaming network 

Atari helped kick off the gaming revolution, and now the brand—which has changed hands many times since the 1970s—aims to help lead the crypto revolution in gaming with its recently-revealed Atari Token. Today, the company revealed the next step in its plan to entrench the Atari Token within the gaming ecosystem, announcing a partnership with Arkane Network to implement the token within its blockchain app development platform.

Source: Atari token finds a home on new blockchain gaming network – Decrypt

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  1. Atari Token <– main page to sign up (free)

    The Atari Exchange-

    Atari Casino –

    Atari VCS <– Will use the Atari Token

    The Sandbox <– Will feature Atari properties and games using the Atari Token

    The ability to safely store, trade, and monetize creations through blockchain, allowing creators to benefit from their creations.

    One of the key features of our gaming platform is the possibility to create an ASSET from scratch (using VoxEdit), upload it to the marketplace and then monetize it into the blockchain.

    Animoca is also involved in Ultra, a blockchain-powered games distribution platform.

    What they don't say (and may not know) is that the Chief Strategy Officer of Ultra, Edward Moalem is also a consultant / advisor on the Atari Token ICO

    Tack on Atari acquiring Wonder-

    WonderOS technology was designed to unify mobile, console, and PC gaming experiences, offering an ecosystem that gives access to multi-platform games, entertainment apps, and streaming services — locally or through the cloud.

    Atari anticipates incorporating WonderOS into the development roadmap of the Atari Video Computer System (Atari VCS™) and making it available across mobile devices, which will further expand the capabilities and reach of the home gaming and entertainment system.

    And the just announced-

    Oh, and don't forget-

    Atari is about to revolutionize AGAIN….

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