LBRY Wants to be the HTTP and DNS for Digital Content

disaster500Since the days of Napster, rights owners have bemoaned the tendency for illegitimate sources of content to crowd out legitimate sources online. “You can’t compete with free,” is the age-old cry.

But a blockchain-based startup called LBRY believes it has come up with an approach to distributing digital content that could re-balance those scales.

Blockchain content sharing app LBRY declares independence

LBRY, the decentralised content sharing and publishing platform owned by its users, has released a Beta version of its app, coinciding with more content deals and a “July 4th Declaration of Independence from big media”. LBRY said today’s old order comprises, “the major record labels, book publishers, and movie studios that have managed to cling to their fiefdoms despite the potential of the internet to connect independent artists directly to their fans.

“It’s expensive to store and serve a bunch of content, so the market is dominated by the likes of Google’s YouTube, Apple’s iTunes, and Amazon’s Kindle Store. By combining several new open-source technologies and key innovations, LBRY is able to cut out the middlemen. The result is a platform that no one controls but everyone can access – just like the Internet itself,” said a statement.

Source: Blockchain content sharing app LBRY declares independent from Google, Apple and Amazon

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