RightsTech Summit: Are Music Rights Still in Tune for Investors?

Copyrights, particularly music publishing rights, has been a hot alternative asset class over the past four or five years, as investors chased yield after a decade of low interest rates, and sought shelter from the volatility of equity prices. But with the post-Covid economy showing signs of slowing down around the world and central banks raising rates to try to choke off accelerating inflation, will smart money start to look elsewhere for returns, and what would that would that mean for the fortunes of songwriters, publishers and other rightsholders who haven’t yet cashed in?

To answer those questions, we’ve assembled a powerhouse lineup of investors and music catalog valuation experts for a session at the 2022 RightsTech Summit titled The Price of Rights: Will the Deals Keep Coming? They will discuss current market conditions and offer their expert views on what the next 18 months may hold for catalog prices, deal flow and access to capital.

Alaister Moughan is an experienced valuation expert with deep roots in the music industry, having worked at InGrooves Music Publishing, Universal Music and 23 Capital. He has also advised high-profile private clients on both the buy and sell sides of music catalog deals, including individual artists and songwriters as well as large institutional clients.

Patrick Russo is a partner in Shamrock Capital and lead partner for the Shamrock Content Fund strategies. The funds have raised over $1.3 to invest in and acquire film, television and music rights and to offer debt financing backed by content rights. Shamrock Capital has deep roots in the industry, tracing its founding back to its predecessor firm founded in 1978 as the investment vehicle for Roy Disney.

Nari Matsuura is a partner at Citrin Cooperman Advisors and an expert on music catalog valuation. Her previous firm, Massarsky Consulting was a leading copyright economics consultancy that was acquired by Citrin earlier this year. Their clients include many of the leading investment firms involved in music catalog acquisitions, including Hipgnosis Songs Fund and Round Hill Music. She is also a concert pianist and graduate of the Julliard School in New York.

Jason Peterson is the CEO of GoDigital Media Group, which has been an active acquire of IP rights and has assembled a robust portfolio of brands involved in rights management of monetization, including Cinq Music, Sound Royalties and AdSHARE. Since 2017 it has raised more than $160 million to acquire music rights catalog through Cinq Music and has built a portfolio of more than 50,000 recordings.

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