Video Could Save the Radio Star

Every artist should take a full inventory of themselves and their image, and then figure out how to monetize it.

They are missing huge opportunities if they don’t engage with the brands they love publicly, no matter how indie those brands might be.

In fact, indie brands are probably better — it’s a heck of a lot harder to strike a deal with Budwieser than it is to do something cool with a local brewery, and it feels more authentic in the end. It won’t pay the big bucks, but it’s a nice supplemental income and benefits all parties involved. If you’re an artist with great fashion sense, pair up with local indie designers and get some affiliate deals going.

Like food and have a particular take a cuisine — there are already a ton of those shows, but maybe a fresh spin will draw people in.Making interesting video content available serves all potential audiences — super fans will subscribe and consume everything, and casual fans can engage in a different way. The audio simply isn’t enough anymore — the video needs to be a key component of any artist’s career as well.

Source: Medium

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