This week: Copyright Office symposium on unclaimed royalties

The U.S. Copyright Office will convene a day-long symposium in Washington, DC, on Friday, Dec. 6 to examine the problem of unclaimed royalties in the music industry. The meeting is part of a study mandated by the Music Modernization Act to evaluate steps the newly created Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) should take to identify and locate rights owners entitled to the unclaimed royalties and to reduce the incidence of non-payment by better matching data on sound recordings with data on their underlying music works.

Several RightsTech Summit alumni will be participating in the symposium, including David Hughes (RIAA), Mark Isherwood (DDEX), Alisa Coleman (MLC), Bill Colitre (Music Reports), Vickie Nauman (CrossBorderWorks) and Dae Bogan (TuneRegistry).

The meeting is open to the public. Additional information is available here. More background can be found in the Federal Register Notice here.

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