Full RightsTech Summit 2018 agenda now available

The full, updated agenda for the 2018 RightsTech Summit is now available on the RightsTech Summit website. The Summit will be held October 5 as part of the New York Media Festival at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City.

Topics will include:

  • Rights registries and databases
  • Copyright reform
  • Blockchain
  • Provenance and authentication
  • Metadata standards
  • Digital scarcity and unique digital assets
  • Remixes and user-generated content
  • Art and artificial intelligence
  • Investing in rights and rights-tech
  • Automated licensing hubs
  • Tools for DIY artists
  • And more

Those interested in speaking at the summit are invited to contact Paul Sweeting at paul@concurrentmedia.com. For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Andi Elliott, at andi@rightstech.com.

For information on how to register for the Media Festival and the Summit click here.

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