RightsTech Summit Keynote Conversation With Tim DuBois 

Songwriter and producer, former record label and ASCAP executive, and “recovering CPA” Tim DuBois sat for a fireside keynote chat with RPG Strategies principal Jon Potter at the inaugural RightsTech Summit on July 26 in New York. Among the topics they discussed was the critical role that technology can play in making sure the right people get paid for their work in the music industry.

“I’ve been lucky enough to sit at just about every chair at the table,” within the music business, DuBois recalled. “Anytime that money passes through an organization unnecessarily I get scared. And I have a right to get scared because I’ve worked at most of those organizations. So I know whereof I speak.”

Source: RightsTech Summit Keynote Conversation With Tim DuBois | Concurrent Media

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