Report: Tidal Failed To Pay Indie Labels In Norway For Months  

Tidal_logoAccording to a report from Norwegian news outlet Dagens Næringsliv, streaming music platform Tidal may not be paying out the royalties it owes to musicians and record labels in the company’s home country of Norway.

The article states that some 1,000 independent record labels haven’t been paid for the streaming activity connected to their artists since this past January. Most of the labels that are experiencing this issue receive their payments through an intermediary organization called Phonofile, which collects the royalties and disperses them according to reports that are supposed to be produced by the streaming platforms.  Apparently, Tidal has both failed to create the necessary day-to-day reports of what has been played, and it has also missed quite a few months of cutting checks.

Source: Tidal Failed To Pay Indie Labels In Norway For Months [REPORT] – hypebot

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