TOTEM: Bad Medicine, No Spoonful of Sugar 

alan_grahamAlready, someone alive today, will launch in the next 2 years what is essentially the most powerful free music sharing service akin to a Spotify-like service, except unlicenced, because it will enter the world anonymously as part of some likely combination of blockchain technology, magnet links, torrents, smart contracts, AI, and so on. You can’t take it down and you can’t sue it because no one owns it or operates it. You can’t file suit against a bot and you ain’t seen “free” until you’ve seen what this thing will do to the entire market.

If there were such a thing as a singularity of copyright infringement and piracy, I’d say we were at the Outer Event Horizon, nearing the no escape zone.

Source: Guest Post: Bad Medicine, No Spoonful of Sugar | MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY

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