Startup Touts Blockchain Exchange That’s as Simple as E-Mail

screen-shot-2016-04-14-at-3-50-59-am-1200x921Virtual-currency trading startup ANX International is opening up its know-how so that people can issue their own digital assets using blockchain, the underlying technology behind bitcoin, the digital money that has become a popular method of paying for goods and services and trading over the Internet.

.ANX says its new service lets anyone make a blockchain account in minutes and choose how many digital assets to create. Ken Lo, ANX’s chief executive officer, said the technology for issuing blockchain-based assets has been in development for the past three years. It has been used internally for some of ANX’s biggest clients, he said, including an e-commerce company that wanted to run a loyalty program. By doing so, companies are able to set up reward programs without complicated back-office processes and reduce the risk of fraud.

Source: Startup Touts Blockchain Exchange That’s as Simple as E-Mail – Bloomberg

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