Songtradr Plays Music Matchmaker to Products, Creators, and Consumers

341908LOGO Songtradr made its debut this week, a consumer-friendly B2B platform that simplifies what’s complicated about music ownership and rights.

The Songtradr team’s ambitious goal is nothing less than to redefine the value of music. It’s a one-stop shop for managing, licensing and selling music, simple and affordable enough for anyone to use.

“We see ourselves as connecting the fragmented world of music rights in one place,” explains Songtradr CEO, Paul Wiltshire. His company facilitates deals, matching songs with films, TV, video games, advertisers, YouTubers and others. Using Songtradr, composers and artists collaborate and then find buyers, publishers and labels—all of whom can use Songtradr’s free content management system to organize extensive inventory. It’s a marketplace where music assets are stored, discovered, curated, and monetized.

Unique features include Songtradr’s extraordinary variable pricing calculator, which helps rights holders determine market rate price points based on media usage, budget, term and territory. And for those looking for a personal touch, Songtradr’s matchmakers curate music for carefully targeted audiences.

“Youth wants independence,” believes Wiltshire, so he’s motivated to help musicians keep control of their creations and careers. “It’s a complicated industry, where one piece of music can have numerous identifiers, depending on who owns or represents master recordings, publishing rights, performance rights, and more.” He wanted a swifter way to access, monetize and account for music rights.

Wiltshire knows from experience. A composer/producer from age 16, he has written, mixed, and/or produced twelve #1 selling records and 28 Top 20 albums/singles. Wiltshire brought on CCO Tom Callahan, who has promoted Shania Twain, Lenny Kravitz, Bonnie Raitt, and others. Advisors include Phil Quartararo, former CEO at Virgin Records, Warner Bros., and EMI and Gary Stiffelman, who has represented many of the most prominent recording artists, songwriters and producers in the world.

Songtradr’s curators keep musical standards high, while its tech team upholds leading-edge functionality, including what Wiltshire says is ‘the fastest audio playback on the web’. Sellers, who include artists, songwriters, record labels and publishers can upload entire catalogs, then pitch their music, even licensing songs together with co-owners. Buyers can either go straight to the platform to listen or have Songtradr’s sales team find what they need. They acquire rights directly from sellers, who include some of the world’s best composers, producers, songwriters, artists, publishers, and labels. It’s an exciting marketplace where personalized interactions, making, sharing, and monetizing music is easier and faster than ever.

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