Music in the Metaverse at the RightsTech Summit

This week’s e-news is chock full of headlines about Web3 and the metaverse thanks to the blossoming enthusiasm and optimism around those concepts within the music, movie and television industries, to say nothing of the game business. Yet for all the optimism, one theme that comes through many of the discussions is the difficulty and complexity of licensing copyrighted content for use in those applications. That’s particularly true of music, with its dual copyrights and multiple rights owners.

To help shed some light into the murky world of clearing rights for immersive applications we’ve assembled a powerhouse panel of licensing experts for a session at the 2022 RightsTech Summit titled, WEB3, VR, AND THE METAVERSE: RIGHTS AND LICENSING FOR IMMERSIVE APPLICATIONS.

Deborah Mannis-Gardner, known as the “Queen of Sample Clearance,” is the president of DMG Clearances and has worked on records by Drake, Jay-Z, Megan Thee Stallion and many other pop and hip-hop artists, and cleared music rights for a long list of movies, TV shows and podcast.

Jessica Vaughn is a songwriter and recording artist (under the name Charlotte Sometimes) and serves as head of synch licensing at Venice Music. Her songwriting credits include soundtracks for a series of Hasbro cartoons, on which she also sings, and she has secured placements in TV series on CW, Netflix, ABC and others, as well as in films.

Vickie Nauman, the founder of CrossBorderWorks is well known to RightsTech followers, having participated in several of our previous events. She began her licensing career in 2001 with MusicNet, one of the first licensed digital music services and has worked on clearing music for numerous Web3 and game projects.

Stacey Haber is the co-founder of The Music Firm and also serves as chief legal officer at SyncLodge, a B2B ecosystem for music supervisors and copyright owners to conclude all the sync licensing tasks needed for professionally licensed audio-visual productions.

All four are members of the Web3 Music Rights Group, a consortium working to draft precedents and set global rates for the use of music in NFTs and the metaverse.

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