RightsTech Heads to Europe

The RightsTech Project is pleased to announce the inaugural RightsTech Europe conference, which will beheld on April 9-10, 2019, in Frankfurt, Germany. The two-day conference, at the Instituto Cervantes, or “Spanish Cultural Institute,” in Frankfurt’s West End district, will be co-produced by the RightsTech Project and Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) organizers of the world’s largest book fair and publishing rights marketplace.

Modeled on the annual RightsTech Summit in New York, RightsTech Europe will bring together its unique mix of creators, rightsholders, technology developers, investors and policymakers from across all sectors of the creative and media industries. A wide range of topics will be on the agenda, from common challenges and emerging technology-enable solutions to the management and monetization of copyrights in an era of global digital platforms. Located in the city where the European Central Bank has its headquarters, the conference will also highlight recent rights-related developments within the EU and their global implications.

Topics will include:

  • Machine-to-machine rights management
  • Automated licensing platforms
  • Metadata, unique identifies and registries
  • Multi-territorial licensing
  • Copyright in the Digital Single Market
  • Blockchain
  • Investing in rights and royalties
  • Art and artificial intelligence
  • Truth and transparency in royalty reporting and payments
  • The economics of digital scarcity
  • Tracing authorship, authentication and provenance
  • Open access
  • Machine learning
  • …and more

“From the start we’ve wanted to spark a global conversation around the rapidly evolving rights-tech  ecosystem, and the need to bring the proper licensing and management of rights up to the same machine-enabled scale and speed as the rest of the media value chain,” said Paul Sweeting, CEO of Concurrent Media Strategies and co-founder of the RightsTech Project. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Frankfurt Book Fair, which has been at the center of the global book trade and publishing rights business for more than five centuries.”

Juergen Boos, Director of the Frankfurter Buchmesse, said: “Rights and licensing is at the heart of what we do at the book fair, and so partnering on this project seems like a perfect fit for us.  We are at a pivotal time in the global conversation about how we can use technology and innovation to make rights deals in the publishing industry quicker and more efficient, and our colleagues at IPR License are already showing the way forward with the automation tools they have developed. So, we are delighted that this debate will be happening on our doorstep in Frankfurt.”

Ned Sherman, Chairman of Digital Media Wire and co-founder of the RightsTech Project said, “Europe is at the center of innovation in rights management and an important catalyst for technology solutions for rights holders. The partnership with Frankfurt Book Fair brings the discussion of the evolving rights-tech ecosystem to the European stage. We are excited to have a first-class partner in the Frankfurt Book Fair to bring global leaders to Europe to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

For sponsorship opportunities contact Tinzar Sherman (tinzar@digitalmediawire.com). 

For speaking opportunities contact Paul Sweeting (paul@concurrentmedia.com).

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