Soundstripe Simplifies Music Licensing for Visual Creatives

1457843258331Soundstripe is changing the way visual creatives (filmmakers, marketers, agencies, churches, etc.) access and obtain stock music, sourcing affordable high-quality video production music via their new platform,

Music licensing has been a very complicated matter for many years. From multiple pricing tiers based on usage, to intimidating contracts and publishing agreements, Soundstripe aims to fix all of that.

“We want filmmakers to get in, get their music, and get back to creating,” says Travis Terrell, Co-CEO.

Utilizing the subscription model, Soundstripe offers unlimited downloads/licenses for only $10/month. By comparison, competitors typically charge $40-$1000 per track. Soundstripe users that don’t need unlimited access can also find competitive single song pricing.

“Our music comes from a team of Nashville’s finest composers, producers and artists,” says Terrell. “We are very selective about who we let in the door. We would rather grow slowly with quality songs than be the Walmart of stock music.”

Though Soundstripe can accommodate big budget productions through their simple enhanced license offerings, Soundstripe was designed with the indie filmmaker in mind. Wedding videographers, church media teams and small businesses with marketing/video needs are the target audience.

“We are striving to be a useful asset in a filmmaker’s tool belt,” explains Terrell. “We’ve built Soundstripe to be a utility that will enable these storytellers to increase the production value and emotional impact of their work, all while saving time and money.”

Soundstripe is based in the historic East Nashville district of Nashville, Tennessee.

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