Gaming on the Blockchain II – A New Kind of Digital Ownership

With a bunch of new platforms poised to launch and some existing ones making money hand over fist, the gaming and blockchain ecosystem would appear to be happening.

Part one of this series looked at the revolutionary token-based platform FreeMyVunk and the self-styled overlord of high value digital assets, Jon Neverdie Jacobs.

This part looks at more offerings in the space and delves deeper into the question of digital asset ownership. Decentralisation is heralding a new era for gamers trading digital assets using tokens, or smart contracts on a the tamper-proof Ethereum public blockchain, for instance.

The effect is transparency in what was considered to be a permanently grey market, fought over for years by the likes of Brock Pierce’s Internet Gaming Entertainment.

A brave new blockchain-enabled gaming universe ushers in new paradigms of digital ownership, and a rising tide of decentralised platforms threatens to engulf any digital item with transferable value. How will markets not controlled by any single entity play out with big incumbents?

Source: IBT

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