All the Music, All Year Long: Art-List Gives You Access to Their Entire Library for $200

You need something nuanced yet epic, and with the quality of a symphonic Rachel Portman.

Also, it needs to be licensed commercially. Oh, and did you mention you’re on a super tight budget? Familiar with this quandary, filmmaker Ira Belsky co-founded Art-List, a new subscription-based music licensing platform for independent filmmakers, offering you all the music you want for a yearly flat fee.

Catering to the world of independent filmmakers constantly in need of music that’s neither too MIDI nor too expensive, the subscription idea behind the Art-List sounds pretty enticing. Instead of a licensing fee per song, there is a yearly fee of $199 that gives get unlimited access to everything in the Art-List catalogue, which as of right now has around 1000 songs.

Considering you can often pay $100 to license a single high quality song, this could be a great resource. And having a subscription based model with no restrictions on how (and how often) you can use the tracks is a winning proposition for video professionals who are regularly producing content that needs music.

Source: NFS

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